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Amin Bhat

Ashburn, VA

Murthy India provided exceptional service and guidance to my Mom for her B2 visa. They are very detail oriented, thorough with their process, and make sure all i’s are dotted and all t’s crossed. Both the Attorney assigned to the case and the Client Services Manager were very kind, supportive, professional, and patient. They spoke to my Mom multiple times to ensure she understood the process well. I highly recommend Murthy India.


Dallas, TX

My parents and I want to sincerely thank you for your help with our case. You guys did an outstanding job explaining the process, with the counseling sessions and answering all our questions – I truly appreciate your work, professionalism and thoroughness. The entire immigration process is like a complicated maze and working with you definitely helped make the process seem easy to my parents and also gave them much more confidence. We will definitely be recommending your services to friends and family who need help with the immigration process.


Atlanta, GA

I had worked with Murthy Immigration Services earlier for my immigrant visa filing. This time around I did not think twice before seeking their help with my mother’s B2 visa application. I have personally benefited from the Firm’s deep understanding of legal requirements and the excellent manner in which they handle various issues/potential risks and case specific nuances. The communication was professional at all times and prompt. I happily recommend Murthy Immigration Services India Pvt Ltd for all visa related matters and would like to thank the attorney assigned to my case in particular for her professionalism and expert counseling.

Mayank Khatri

St. Louis, MO

Thank you Murthy India from bottom of our hearts! My wife’s visa (H4) was rejected due to her previous history of overstay thus making her ineligible to enter U.S. for 10 years (automatic ban). I contacted many attorneys in US as well as India often paying for hourly consultation fees. To my shock some of these 15/20 years experienced attorneys had not heard of 212 d (3)(A) waiver or did not have good understanding of this process. I understood that a Waiver is required for my wife to re-enter the United States. On my father’s recommendation I made a call to Murthy India. Just speaking to the attorney for 15 minutes I knew if anyone could help my family unite, it would be Murthy India. They assisted my wife with the H4 visa application along with detailed memorandum requesting for waiver. The waiver got approved in little over 4 months (Average response time for these waivers is 6 months or over), and then the H4 visa for my wife. All throughout this process, Murthy India assisted us not only explaining about this complicated process and filing for waiver but also constantly kept in touch with Consulate in India for updates as well as contacted CBP/ARO etc. in US, requesting to expedite this case. Today my family is united because of Murthy India and we could not be thankful enough for their services. Did I mention economical fees, which other law firms were charging me 3 or 5 times of their fees for this process? Once again, thank you Murthy India from bottom of our hearts.

Thank you Murthy India!

Name Withheld to Maintain Confidentiality

I had sought the expertise of Murthy Immigration Services, India, for my returning resident (SB1) visa application. Although I had some knowledge of the application process, I was not aware of the intricacies involved in applying for this visa. The attorneys and immigration specialists at Murthy India were extremely knowledgeable and advised me on how to present my application to US immigration authorities. The entire process took about 6 months and they helped me at each and every step. Right from the initial consultation till the immigrant visa approval, the advice that they provided proved invaluable. They told me what documents to collect, helped me with filling the application forms and putting together the entire packet. The one-on-one counselling sessions helped me prepare well for all the potential questions that could arise at the visa interview. Above all, their professionalism and keen interest in helping out their clients is really commendable. Thank you everyone at Murthy India for your sincere efforts!



Dear Attorney, I have got the visa. I really have gratitude for your assistance with this K1 visa application. I enjoyed working with your firm. Give my gratitude to Client Services Manager as well. Have a good day! Payman



It may be very late to write to you but I feel that it is better late than never. I would like to thank you very much for assessing the situation very correctly and giving me very appropriate and confident advice. I have a reason to say this due to the following. After your advice, my daughter started working in India and since she wanted to marry her friend, we approved her selection and she is now in the U.S. When she applied for a dependent visa the visa officer and at her time of entry into the U.S., the CBP officer were also perplexed as to why she was turned back at the port of entry earlier. She is now with her spouse in the U.S. I always remember the advice given by you and wanted to say thanks for your apt advice. Further, I would like to mention specially that the way you have responded with very soft spoken manner also reminds me that how one should learn from you in dealing with Customers. As a AGM of Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Department, I always take inspiration from you while giving advice to may Resident and Non-residents in advising on FEMA Regulations. I also see the satisfaction they express after talking to us.

Exceptional Service!


I approached Murthy Immigration Services after my widowed mother was refused a US visitor’s visa once. I could have gone to consultants or travel agents the second time but by going with Murthy Immigration Services I had a team of dedicated professionals on my side– lawyers and management staff who specialize in US consular and immigration services. One may assume that getting a US visitor’s visa is a simple process but it is not. Having a reputable team on your side who are detail oriented makes a big difference. My mother ended up getting a 10 year multiple entry visitors visa the second time around thanks to the help provided by Murthy Immigration Services. I would also like to take this opportunity to specially thank Attorney and the Client Services Manager for their exceptional service and guidance. I would highly recommend Murthy Immigration Services for any assistance with US consular matters.

Gerald J Paulraj

Coimbatore, India

Murthy Immigration Services (MIS) was an excellent find for processing the L1 petition considering the fact that this could be a tedious process and significant in presenting the case to the US Immigration authorities. We had a pleasant experience in working with the attorneys and the paralegal team at MIS. I need to mention that the level of professionalism, detailed documentation, and attention to details was excellent. There was always a constant communication and follow up from the MIS team till the final filing and the attorneys were always available to answer the queries and clarify. Appreciate the efforts taken by the Attorney and team in Chennai in preparing us (myself and the dependents) for the interview process. Highly appreciate the methodical procedure followed through the entire process making this a pleasant experience. Looking forward to work with you again in the future on the immigration matters. Thank you again!

MIS – you are the best!!


“Big Kudos to the entire team of MIS, India and a HUGE THANKS to our attorney for his exemplary assistance with my visa application. A perfect score on all and every front including  knowledge, service, professionalism, dedication,  and patience. I fall short of words in expressing my sincerest appreciation to the team’s highest quality of service in every step of the visa process.  To have such a dedicated team by your side, make a lot of difference!! The peace of mind and the personal attention that the team provides is fantastic! My highest rating and recommendations for Murthy Immigration Services (MIS)! ~ SC


We had a great and satisfied service from Murthy Immigration firm on my in laws visitor visa processing.
They handled the case very professionally and guided us in the right direction since their visa was rejected TWICE before.
Our decision to choose Murthy firm didn’t disappoint us even a single moment. Their paper work was amazing.
My in laws were so confident while going for the interview and its all because of the clear expectations set by the attorneys.

Senthil & Aniksha


As you are aware my wife had received her Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and was waiting for the priority date(PD)  to become current. Recently the PD progressed and my wife received her Permanent Resident Card a few days ago. I want to send this testimonial to your office and offer my thanks. We all are extremely grateful for your timely email two years ago when the wait time and priority dates progressed forward dramatically. Only because of that email, sent to us (it was long after our consultation with your office), was this all possible. Words cannot express the monumental impact you have had in our lives! Thank you once again for all your help!



If you ask me a sure shot way of getting your visa stamped other than counting on luck I would have only one name – Murthy Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. (MISPL). No exaggeration involved here. I approached them for assistance with my F1 visa and my wife’s F2. Being in the IT firm for 5 years in India, and taking my wife along with me almost everyone said that getting the visa to the US is near to impossible. And these people made the impossible possible by helping us present honest and clear information on the forms! Right from the mails to phone calls to mock interviews to assisting our zillion doubts with all the patience in the world you cannot hope to find a better Law Firm. I have been to other consultancies for tourist purposes and also approached a few for our visa purpose as well, but none of them comes close to the unparalleled dedication and experience MISPL offers you. The entire team in Chennai was helping us throughout with our forms, the documents we needed to submit and the questions. They left no stone un-turned. And a special mention definitely goes to our Attorney who takes care of every minute detail in your case to ensure all information is accurately presented, things which even you would have forgotten or skipped. Thanks a lot MISPL. This testimonial is the least justice I could do to the assistance you guys have rendered us.  You guys are the reason my wife and I are in the U.S. and of course God’s grace as well 🙂

Name Withheld on Client Request


While my wife and I have traveled to the US and lived there on a number of occasions including a formal education – We were challenged with a very unique situation. We had applied for a Green Card during our previous stay which he had subsequently withdrawn when we decided to move back. And when my wife had to apply for her F1 visa to pursue her Doctoral studies; she would have been challenged to prove her nonimmigrant intent. And while we completely adhered to all procedures from time to time – this situation was totally an uncalled for in our case and hence we decided to take help from Murthy Immigration Services. Our Attorney understood our situation patiently and quickly commented that we had a greater chance of success if we handled well the interview and the documentation. Also, he quickly put our inhibitions to rest by having us focus on the process than on the outcome. He asked us to remain positive and focus on the grand narrative for Doctoral studies, the reasons of our return to India during our previous stay and why going back was part of that narrative. It was those subtle tips that helped us overcome our inhibitions and pursue the process more positively. I would certainly recommend Murthy Immigration Services any day and encourage you to avail these services if there is even the slightest of the doubts in your mind on how to approach the process.



The MISPL team in Chennai provided us with outstanding support for my aunt to obtain her visa to visit the US. My elderly aunt’s case is complex and the attorney and his team spared no effort in guiding us to prepare all the required documentation to submit for review to the US Embassy. In addition our Attorney and his team dedicated time to prepare my aunt for her interview, which was challenging as my aunt is hard of hearing. While it was clear from the start that my aunt might not be given a visa, with the team’s steadfast support and guidance we were fortunate that she was given a visa to visit the US. We owe the entire team a debt of gratitude for all their efforts. I highly recommend Murthy India for assistance with US Visas.

Awesome service Murthy India!!!


Murthy India (MISPL) need a special thanks for employing exceptional lawyers. They were a great team who pulled me out of virtual nightmare I went through while on a visit to India recently in July, 2015. I was held up in India due to an inadvertent error of Indian authorities who had cancelled my passport erroneously, on account of which, I had to obtain a new passport and U.S. visa. To solve my new visa application and visa interview was an uphill task so I hired MISPL who took personal interest in my case and helped me out through the entire process patiently they were very meticulous and detailed they took care of my case I hired them on August 3rd and my visa was approved on August 11th. In this short span of time, I am amazed MISPL has hired such exceptional lawyers who are so dedicated and disciplined. Appreciate it! MISPL Rocks! Dr. Sai Thumsi



I was a green card holder in the US since 2005 and had to suddenly leave the US due to personal circumstances. I did not really want go back and establish my residency again in US which led to losing my residency status in the US. However, since my daughter was born in US, I wanted to be able to visit the US for briefly with her and be able to keep her connected to her roots. Due to the complexity of my situation, I was not aware on how to go about this whole ordeal. Of course, there is a lot of information available online, however, it is not very useful or rather there is no right or wrong answer. Eventually, I knew I would have to consult an immigration attorney who had in-sight and in-depth knowledge in handling such cases. My first choice without any doubt was Murthy Immigration Services. As far as I can remember, I have referred to testimonials, FAQs, from Murthy website since 1998, i.e. the year my husband and I moved to the US. In my knowledge, they are one of the most highly reputed, trustworthy firm who give you accurate, honest, and valid advise as applicable. I have worked with the attorney & the manager at the Chennai branch. From the start to end of providing the service, I have been given very clear, transparent advise relating to giving up my green card status and obtaining a B1/B2 visa. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for immigration related advise. Even in terms of helping me gather my documents together, preparing for the interview, in-person consultation, they are very proactive. I am very pleased to say that only by availing their consulting services, I was able to get a clear picture on how to go about the whole process relating to my US visa & Green card surrender.

Alok Mishra


I worked recently with you – Murthy Immigration Services (MIS) for assisting me for B1 Visa. I’m writing to let you know MIS provided highly competent, professional and timely support. Your expertise resulted in a seamless and fast resolution for me.  I appreciate your responsiveness and professional attitude.  I felt like you really took ownership and stayed with me until it was completed.  I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for excellent assistance. I spoke to other immigration services before opting for MIS. The only reason I opted for your MIS is you are highly professional & took ownership of my case. Further, step by step guidance did make my task easier. I would highly recommend MIS to anyone for immigration services. MIS is BEST.

Vishnu Banka, USA

It was such a pleasure working with Murthy India. They helped us with the process for our H1B and H4 renewals with one renewal at the US consulate in Switzerland. They knew exactly what was needed and guided us through-out the process. They were very responsive to all our emails and calls. I would definitely recommend them to all.


Yesterday, I told my manager and HR about the details of how I was able to come to back to US only because I was lucky enough to hire Murthy Immigration Services to handle my immigration case. I have also spoken to a lot of my friends, and told them about how everything went smoothly at the Consulate and all I had to do was provide the legal memorandum prepared by your firm. Everyone around me is pleasantly surprised by the turn of events. The entire credit for this goes to yourself for having the knowledge of the complexities of immigration law (which even experienced lawyers in big firms employed by my company did not possess) and the dedication with which you worked on my case, constantly thinking about it on weekends and even at the last moment.  I would always be grateful for the help you have provided and will make it a point to constantly spread the good word about the excellent quality of immigration services that have been provided by Murthy Immigration India. -Thanks once again for all the help



It gives me immense pleasure to be in a position to draft this letter to you. My wife and I believe, that the case wouldn’t have been won if not for your dedication and commitment. For the service availed, you could have just completed my waiver package and be done with it. But you went extra mile every time to secure this success. The quality and dedication to service is second to none. Without exaggeration, I have asked you 200+ questions and you answered everyone of them patiently as if it were the first. You never gave me false hopes, you never told that the case could be expedited or that my waiver would be approved…. but that is what I really needed to know. I also admire how you never missed a follow-up date. I would trace the mail and would be flabbergasted to see how many times you have contacted the consulate at reasonable intervals.  How do you do it for every case? Not only you, but MLF, USA too, reviewed my case without additional cost. We could have tried Nunc Pro Tunc for an additional fee but you both insisted on not going that path with my welfare in mind. The firm’s reputation precedes its name not without a reason and with such a like you – ethical, compassionate and unambiguous- in the team, the success stories will never be a thing of past!


Ohio, USA

Dear MISPL Team, I would like to share our experience working with you during the Visa process It’s the friendliness/care that you showed during the process is most important aspect which we liked a lot [even my parents-in-law mentioned the same]. Your timing and punctuality is very much appreciated. Especially, our discussions during late nights in USA [EST] which helped me a lot because of the time zone difference. The entire process went so smooth with all the emails/phone & the way of training visa candidates is done with extreme diligence. Finally I would like to appreciate the constant effort which all of you have taken to accomplish what has been committed to us. A big thank you for making our dream come true !!!


Columbus, OH

“We approached Murthy India after my mother’s visitor visa was rejected multiple times. The attorney assigned to the case did a great job from initial consultation. She is very knowledgeable, honest, attentive to detail, very professional and never missed an email or any question we had. Even though my mom has very limited knowledge of Tamil and can only speak Telugu our client services manager made sure my mother understood the interview process, the counseling sessions really helped her prep for the actual interview. I am really glad we had access to such knowledgeable team to guide us when we felt our hope is almost lost. Thanks Murthy Immigration Services for all you did with my mother’s case and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You guys ROCK!!”



Murthy Immigration Services has done an immensely great job in getting my mother’s visitor’s visa approved. Her visa was rejected twice and we could not comprehend the reason behind the rejections. Just when we were about to lose hope, I got to know about Murthy Law Firm’s affiliate in India from the Internet. I gave them a call for initial consultation. The firm’s conduct was highly professional, and also polite and approachable, from the very beginning. Our attorney, was very attentive to every intricate detail that we mentioned. He was easily accessible over phone and was very prompt in replying to all my emails. He was also very efficient in suggesting ways to present our facts that was both simple and effective. The document arrangement, appointment scheduling and the other day to day communications were handled by our client manager,  who was also highly productive with a lot of valuable inputs and  also helped my mother familiarize with the whole interview process, step by step. I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to our attorney, our client manager and the firm as a whole, for making this visa approval a possibility for my mother. And I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for help. These guys know exactly what they are doing!


Herndon, VA

We wanted to get my wife’s aunt( who is very closely attached to her) to US, for this summer and spend some time with us. She went to US consulate in Hyderabad twice in short span of time difference and got rejected with the reason that authorities are not convinced of her return from US. We had all the supporting documents and reasons to prove that she will return to India after visit to US. That is when we suggested to our family in India to approach Murthy India for legal help. That decision seems like master stroke, when aunt got her visitor visa approved recently. The Attorney handling the case and other members of legal team, did a very thorough preparation of application and documents to support aunt’s case. Along with that, they guided our aunt in such a way to present her case to Immigration officer positively. Their meticulous preparation and guidance combined with support, ensured success in this case. We are extremely happy with their legal service, will not hesitate to recommend to people, looking for legal help in immigration process. Hats off to Chennai team for staying up to the reputation of their parent organization ( Murthy Law Firm) in US.



Thank you very much for all the effort you put in my cousin’s application for student visa. My cousin mentioned that you had guided her to articulate her situation clearly and honestly. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you once again for all your valuable guidance. My cousin is the first person from her village to come and study in abroad/USA. There are no words to explain how happy my uncle and aunt are. By your meticulous approach in every single detail and great commitment towards the assignment you are a great model in your professional community.

Name Withheld On Client Request

Murthy Immigration services are the best in the industry, very professional, trust worthy and I highly recommend them. The complete VISA application process was very smooth and I always got prompt responses for my questions.  My parents got along with the staff really well and were prepped perfectly for the VISA interview. Murthy Immigration services understood the case, asked the right questions and presented the case perfectly. This was my first experience with Murthy Immigration services and am perfectly satisfied with their service!



When I needed help with the direct consular filing for an Immigrant Visa, the first and the only immigration services firm that I was recommended from the time I decided to file my immigrant visa petition was Murthy. Several people in the know were unanimous in their appreciation of Murthy’s subject matter expertise and client handling skills, essentially their long proven track record. From August 2013 which is when I met the attorney assigned to my case, till February 2014 when the process was successfully completed, I have personally benefited from her/Firm’s deep understanding of immigration requirements and the excellent manner in which they handled various stages/issues/potential risks and case specific nuances. The communication was professional at all times and the advise provided was from multiple important perspectives. I would happily recommend Murthy Immigration Services India Pvt Ltd to anyone looking to wade through the complicated world of US immigration.

Prabhu, Eunice


We are very thankful to the Attorney and our client contact manager for their hard work and support in our H4 Visa, We had little to no hope of getting our Visa, before talking to them. We believed that the Attorneys have expert knowledge regarding intricate details of the US immigration law and to help us get our Visa. They were always available for all quick questions. They were very detail oriented and completely professional and responsible. We are so grateful to for all the advice and support throughout the documentation procedure. They were very proactive and prompt in mailing me back and forth during the entire procedure. They helped us get our visa in a quick span of time. Thanks to their documentation and educating on Visa interview process. The visa interview was an easy piece of cake for us, with their guidance. Your service provided confidence that we have done the best and have prepared whatever could be done from our side. We are very thankful to you, as we have got our visa on time. Thanking you for all your support. Working with Murthy India immigration firm was a pleasant and delightful experience. We strongly recommend Murthy Immigration Services India Private limited. Thank you & God Bless you All!



Attorney was very confident that he can handle the H1-B case and he did it very efficiently. He has good view and knowledge of the possible outcomes of a case, so you know what to expect.You will feel strong with the most experienced,responsive and knowledgeable attorneys at Murthy Immigration. Thank you for Everything!


Chicago, IL

Thank you very much for your guidance and service in assisting my mother for getting her B2 Visa. You and your training team took extra care and effort to educate my mother with regards to B2 visa processing, and also how to answer some critical questions truly and accurately. Your continued training and guidance boosted my mother’s confidence that she was able to answer all questions boldly without any struggle to Visa officer. I would also thank you for assisting me to get all required documents for visa processing and booking the appointment in timely manner. I really appreciate the service provided by your team and I would definitely recommend your law firm to my friends and family members.



I would like to thank the Attorney and Client Manager for their extremely efficient service in my B2 case. Due to the nature of my case, I was a bit apprehensive in scheduling the interview, but they went through all possible questions and honest and clear answers with me and really calmed my nerves. Your firm is great at what they do, and no wonder they have such a high success rate! My best wishes to Murthy India, and I truly hope their success rate goes even higher! Thanks a lot!



Thank you so much for helping us on this, we just don’t have words to express the happiness that you brought us with your great service. And definitely I would highly recommend your service to my friends, and the clarity you have on each case and the dedication to get things done on time are the highlights. You guys are really awesome – we wanted to convey our thanks to your entire organization.



First, many many thanks from my all family for getting of B2 VISA under your counseling. We had faced so many problems to getting B2 VISA and you easily solved, now no limits to our joyness after getting the B2 VISA. After several conversation over phone, mail and meeting with you we confident for B2 VISA interview. You helped us to genuinely and perfectly present our facts to the consulate. I will appreciate you and your work always!


Pittsburgh PA

I had lost all hopes on my mothers B2 (tourist visa) as this was the 5th attempt. But after hiring Murthy firm in India, there was no looking back. They were very professional and confident about she getting visa and prepared her till the last moment.They were always available and very prompt in their services.Counseling sessions were very effective in preparing my mother to present all the facts cearly at the visa interview. She eventually she got 10 year Multiple entry visa. I am very thankful to all their attorneys.


California, USA
I recently had the opportunity of hiring Murthy Immigration Services for my H1B Visa and I couldn’t be happier that I made the right decision. Over the years I heard about Murthy Law Firm and their affiliate Murthy Immigration Services, in India only by reputation and didn’t have the chance to interact with them. I would like to personally thank the Attorney who handled my case and the entire team for going above and beyond the needs and getting the case resolved so quickly. I never thought it would be resolved in one week and would be happy to recommend them to others. Their entire team handled my case very professionally and constantly updated me on the progress of the case. Thank you again and keep up the good work!

Somya Pandya

Colorado, USA

I had come across Murthy Immigrations through a friend who assured me that they would be able to help me with my F2 visa application. During my association with them I realized that they went an extra mile to know my case thoroughly and worked with me to help me present the facts in a very honest, clear and unambigous manner with great interest. Their feedbacks genuinely helped me boost my confidence and their schedule kept me on my toes! The Attorney and the Manager handling my case were very professional  in their approach. This helped me cope up in a short span of time on my presentation skills and my documentation. The visa interviewer actually complimented me on my thorough documentation. Working with Murthy immigration firm was a pleasant and delightful experience.


Jacksonville, Florida

My family in India, my husband and I would like to thank Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd., for assisting my family in getting their visitor visa approved at Chennai, India. My sister and her husband’s visa were denied twice and with the help of MIS my family received visa for 10 years.  The attorney handling the case was very knowledgeable and helped us with filling out the forms and preparing all the required documentation for the interview.  We are very satisfied with their services and are very thankful for all their help. In the future I will definitely use their services. Thank you again for all your assistance and help.


Oklahoma, USA

Thank you for making the visa application process easy for my parents. I must say the correct and prompt support extended by the attorney and client services manager of Murthy Immigration Services was appreciable. All our queries were answered very politely and they were helpful throughout the engagement. Murthy Immigration Services made the complete process so easy. Without your support it would have been a tiresome process for me to get all things aligned. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success. Thanks & Regards,


California, USA

I hired Murthy Immigration for my parent’s visitor visa application. Attorney assigned to our case was truly dedicated to the success of this case. She proved herself to be extremely knowledgeable and hands on in areas where I needed help. We came across many instances during the course of the case where we were using unconventional methods to prepare my parents for the interview as their visitor application was denied 3 times previously. All in all, I would recommend Murthy Immigration to any one as their team has the innate ability to not only plan and prioritise but fully execute keeping an eye for the end result.



We are glad to have made a decision to hire Murthy India for assisting with our mother’s visa application. Initially we were a little hesitant because of the high service fee, but, soon after the first discussion with an Attorney we felt it was worth spending the money and we made a right decision. Attorney assigned to our case was very thorough with the application process. He took time to carefully review the case background and gave valuable inputs that helped our mother in preparing and effectively presenting the details at the visa interview. He has a very good knowledge on visa interview preparation and was always accessible and responded promptly to all the questions we had. Murthy India had made a difference to our lives. We are looking forward for a good vacation in U.S. with our mother. We are grateful for the Murthy India team for helping us make this possible. Finally, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the satisfactory service provided by your organization!


Nizamabad, India

I am so glad that I hired Murthy Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. (MISPL) for my work visa at the correct time. I want to take this opportunity to THANK MISPL for reviewing all the documentation, going through all the follow ups and also to spend hours together on getting us the required drafts and exhibits. I am finally making arrangements to travel and would never forget this experience and also the service that I got from your firm, especially the Attorney’s patience for getting me through this trouble. I will definitely stay in touch and will recommend all my friends who are planning to settle in the US to opt for your services if they face any issues.


Chicago, USA

I am glad that I have chosen Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited (MISPL) in India. I initially took their assistance for the visitor visa for my parents after they were refused a visa twice. After talking to Attorney Senthil, I had some hope that my parents will get their visa. Right from initial process, the team MISPL was very professional in every aspect and they make sure we don’t miss even single document. The Attorney took great efforts to make sure my parents were able to speak confidently at the interview. My parents received multiple entry visitor visa. Next I approached MISPL for the H4 extension for my wife and with the guidance of the Attorneys at MISPL; we were able to get the visa without any difficulty. Members of my family and I take this opportunity to thank MISPL’s team for their dedicated team work. I would strongly recommend MISPL for any U.S. immigration issues and feel free to contact me if you need any reference about MISPL.


Texas, USA

Starting from the time we approached for your services regarding the H4 visa issuance problem for my brother-in-law to getting the visa issued, your services have been really exceptional. Thank you so much for the journey you traveled along with us by giving proper guidance at every stage. We approached you as a last hope and time has proved that we did the right thing. When I come to Chennai, I will meet you to express my appreciation.


Alaska, USA

I made a wise decision of contacting Murthy Immigration Services at Chennai. I was very happy with the initial consultation, they were very honest with their findings and said my mom had a 50:50 chance which raised my hopes. They were very professional in their approach. The best aspect was that they prepared my mother well for the visa interview. Initially she was answering in monosyllables. They made her understand the significance of presenting facts clearly at the interview. Although they did not review the documents I recon its her confident answers that got the visa this time and I am sure it’s only because she had consulted Murthy Immigration Services.

Magesh & Priya

California, USA

Thank you so much for providing extended help for my mother-in-law’s visa. She got her visa successfully for 10 years with multiple entry option. We would like to appreciate all your help and your attention to details in preparing all the necessary documents. We would certainly love to recommend your service to our friends and families. Thanks again for this great opportunity to work together in achieving a good result.

Anand & Preeti

Illinois, USA

We (Preeti and I) are very grateful to Senthil and his MIS team for all of their hard work and support. We now have understood that Senthil and his team have an expert level of knowledge regarding intricate details of the US immigration law and its various broad meanings. Senthil and his team were ALWAYS available for all quick questions, helped in tricky situations, were very detail oriented and completely professional and responsible. Further Senthil and his team understand the importance of family visits and Indian traditions and expertly guided us to procure a 10 year Multiple Entry visa to our parents after it was denied the first time. I would strongly recommend everyone to use them for all their Visa needs.

Banumathy Sundhar

North Carolina, USA

I am glad that we hired Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) to help obtain a Tourist Visa for my father. My father was rejected visa twice and we decided to give our best shot for the third and final attempt. I had initially consulted with Ms. Sheela Murthy at the Law offices of Sheela Murthy in US and she sounded very confident about how a proper approach to the presentation of facts can clearly make a difference in obtaining the visa. She suggested that I go through Mr. Senthil Kumar in India. My father was beaming after he got his Visa and we owe our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Senthil Kumar. Thanks again,


Hyderabad, India

Got the Visa 🙂 Received my passport today with visa stamped for 10 years multiple entry. Thanks a million for your extended support for solving the case and for your highly valued professionalism. Don’t know how say in words, but its a wonderful thing in my life getting your service. Please do not hesitate to reach me for any kind of help from my side. I would be giving your reference to whomever I come across having any visa issues. Thanks a lot once again.

Pravin Shah


As informed to you on telephone, my wife as been given US Visa. We have received the passport stamped with 10 years multiple entry visa. I am really thankful to you for all the guidance and advise in this case. Your advice has been really fruitful. I am quite satisfied with your services and would definitely recommend you to others. Most of the questions asked were from the questions suggested by you. Once again thanking you,


Bangalore, India

I have experienced your service to be very helpful in the following areas: 1. A level of understanding that all information provided to remain confidential. 2. Proper assistance was provided by you to present information that is right (truth) and no manipulation of data. 3. List of all documents necessary to submit when asked for. This has helped us a lot in getting documents ready and be prepared to submit any document asked for. 4. The most useful service was attending Counseling meeting before going to the interview. This gave me an idea to respond properly and casually without getting tensed. On the whole, your service provided confidence that we have done the best and have prepared whatever could be done from our side. I am very thankful to you since we have got three visas stamped through your wonderful service. Thanking you for all your support.


Texas, USA

My mother’s US visitor visa case was a tricky one because she is a single parent and both my sister and I were settled in the US. We were very sad when she was denied the visitor visa during her first attempt. With the help of Murthy Immigration Services Private limited, we were able to showcase her ties to India, establish that she had no immigrant intent, and also coach her for the visa interview. She successfully received the 10 year multiple entry visa during her second attempt. Throughout the process, everybody we worked with was extremely professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about the visa process. I strongly recommend Murthy Immigration Services Private limited


Maryland, USA

I made the correct decision of hiring Murthy Immigration Services (MIS) to help me with my H1 Visa. My case is complicated and I had little hope that i will return back to US. But MIS helped me in the entire document preparation process and gave me confidence i can do it. Services offered by MIS is professional and highly ethical. No false claims were made in any of the documentation prepared. Though the charge is little higher i could reach the MIS at anytime. I would like to thank their friendly support staff. I would recommend MIS for US Visa related consultations. Thank you for your Help.


New Jersey, USA

I am glad that I hired Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) to help me obtain the visa for my in-laws. My mother-in-law’s case was complicated and it was heartbreaking to think she might never be able to visit her daughter in U.S. MIS guided us every step of the way. They helped with the required documentation and prepared my in-laws for the interview. They never made false claims, but they prepared the case in the most effective way. Both of my in-laws obtained their B-2 visas. Thank you, MIS!


Texas, USA

I really liked the service from Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd (MIS). in Chennai , India . Though the charge was a little higher, the service was very good and I could reach them at any time. They were most helpful and paid attention to every detail. I definitely recommend the services of MIS.

Y K Somasekhar

Chennai, India

Many, many thanks to Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) for making life easier for me at the visa counter! As was predicted by MIS, the questions were purely on my personal issues, but because of their experience in this area and their preparation of the forms, I knew what to expect and my exchange with the officer was most pleasant. They made suggestions that did not occur to me on my own, but that made all the difference to my successful outcome! I once again thank them for the wonderful service they rendered to me. I am thrilled. I look forward to future oppurtunities to interact with MIS!

Deepa & Ashish

Virginia, USA

We approached Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MIS) when my mother was planning on applying for a visa the second time. She was refused a visa the first time. …I am so grateful to MIS for all the advice and support throughout the documentation procedure. They were very proactive and prompt in mailing me back and forth during the entire procedure. I believe my mother was granted a visa this time because the documentation prepared by MIS was so perfect. Excellence, not just perfection, is what they strive to achieve and such service is highly commendable. I recommend that all my friends and relatives consult with Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd.