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Discuss Your Case for Options

You may contact our office to schedule a one-time, paid consultation at no further obligation. Consultation can be provided either in person or over phone.

We generally take 2 to 5 working days to schedule a personal/telephonic/document review consultation. Subject to availability of Attorneys, urgent consultation option may be available for the same/next working day on which the request is made.

A scheduled consultation with an attorney provides you with details and recommendations based on the specific facts of your case. This will help you to make the right decisions based on the legal options and strategies available.

Immigration law is complex. Individual laws are constantly changing and cannot be fully comprehended without understanding the structure, context, and history of the law. Changes cannot be viewed in isolation. An attorney can act as your guide and interpreter through the land of immigration law and legal language. General information is not a substitute for a detailed, fully informed analysis of your situation.

Note : If you choose to engage our services for the matter discussed in your consultation within 30 days, the full amount of your consultation fee will be credited and applied towards the payment for your case.

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